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Carpenter Ant Control: Inside and Outside

Carpenter ants are Tahoe’s answer to termites. Left unchecked these pest can destroy a home or building. Our expert technicians will inspect your entire property and make recommendations on how to control carpenter ants from entering your home. They will search for active nests and pinpoint a treatment plan. Usually one visit will control the ant problem for the season but occasionally a second respray is necessary. If our customers still see ants after our initial service we will be happy to come back and do the entire job again for only $85!

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Aphid and Mite Control

Other tree pests include aphids and spider mites which attack by sucking sap from the foliage of many types of trees, shrubs and plants. These insects weaken the plants and destroy foliage as their excrement burns holes in the leaves and running sap causes a huge mess on decks and cars. These problems occur most often on aspen, alder, maple and many other deciduous trees. Spruce trees and sometimes fir trees are also very susceptible to these pests.

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Bark Beetles

Bark Beetle Control and Spraying

Bark beetles are a serious problem in the Tahoe/Truckee area and in some neighborhoods it has reached epidemic proportions. There are many different bark beetles in our area but some of the most common ones are fir engraver beetle, mountain pine beetle, red turpentine beetle, western pine beetle, jeffrey pine beetle and many more. Some of the most susceptible trees are white fir and lodgepole pine, but ponderosa pine, jeffrey pine, sugar pine, and red fir are all at risk of bark beetle attack.

Thinning and removal of infested trees is the first thing to do to help stop the spread of bark beetles. Preventative spraying will protect the healthy trees that you have left from bark beetle attack. Spraying can be up to 95% effective in stopping bark beetles and is recommend by the US Forest Service and the UC Davis Cooperative extention.

Large mature trees take hundreds of years to be replaced and losing trees to beetle kill or removing them will negatively impact your property value. The cost of preventative tree spraying is only a small fraction of the thousands of dollars it will cost to remove dead and beetle infested trees. Also, properties can lose up to 10% of their value, if they are devoid of large mature, well maintained trees. Invest in spraying as part of your tree maintenance and “SAVE YOUR TREES!”

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Mice, Chipmunk and Squirrel Control

The rodents of Tahoe quickly become a problem when they invade your home, sometimes bringing deadly diseases with them. We focus on tips for exclusion, setting traps and placing pet and child safe bait stations.

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Mole, Vole & Gopher Control

These rodents all cause damage to your landscape and garden, but each one requires a different eradication approach. We will determine which of these pests are in your yard and the best course of treatment.

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Scale Insect Control

There are many different types of scale insects; in general they are broken down into hard and soft scale categories. Scales are difficult to control because of their outer protective coatings. There are many different treatment options to control scales but timing and repeated treatments are often necessary to stay on top of heavy infestations. In recent years scales have been particularly bad on aspen trees in the area. Left unchecked scales can easily kill large mature aspens. Scales can also be found on maples, willows, alders, pines and many other ornamental trees.

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Spider Control

Our Ant Spray service is also effective against spiders, so we recommend it for double duty control of spiders and ants.

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Termite Control

Termites are rarely a problem in Tahoe, but are often confused with carpenter ants. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you figure out what pest is bugging you.