Dormant Oil Spray

  • Control pests including aphids, mites, scales, and more
  • Sprayed yearly on trees from mid April to June in Lake Tahoe
  • Non-toxic and organic

Tree Management During Construction

  • Tree preservation and management plan for all phases of construction
  • Many treatments available
  • Save valuable trees
  • Bark beetle spray during construction and for several years after highly recommended

Plant Health Care/Deep Root Fertilizing

  • Comprehensive health plan for you landscape
  • Ornamental or native trees
  • Deep root fertilizing
  • Tree spraying
  • Soil analysis
  • Irrigation plans
  • Anti-dessicant spray for newly planted trees and shrubs stops drying out and decline

Systemic treatments and Organic Pest Control

  • Highly effective systemic pesticides are injected directly into the trunk of the tree
  • Less impact on surrounding environment
  • Designed to target specific pests
  • Highly effective systemic pesticides; soil injected, basel trunk applied or direct trunk injection
  • Designed to target specific pests
  • Effective for up to two years
  • Pests include bark beetles, aphids, mites, scales, leaf-miners and many more
  • We offer a full line of organic pest control options including dormant oils, insecticidal soaps, natural plant oil extracts, and much more! Call and ask!

Stump Grinding

Stumps create perfect homes for carpenter ants, detract from your landscaping, and can be a tripping hazard. Our amazing stump grinder is self propelled, able to go up and down hills, and has an articulated arm that can fit in tight spaces.